Monday, September 14, 2009

Yoga Latte

Is Yoga Latte a LITE TYPE OF YOGA as in "cafe late"? I just took my first yoga class a month ago and found out today that yoga latte is a combination of yoga and pilates...! who knew! I went cause i thought 'latte' translated "easy"! It is more endurance and core focused. Note to self: you can learn something new everyday!

Life changes in a blink of an eye as I discovered and mine has taken a course toward discovering how to be a whole person. I focused on one area of my life and left other parts to their own courses. Therefore, I was not in harmony with myself or others. In the physical realm I assumed that I could remain strong with endurance and flexible with great balance without working at it. I am admitting here in this blog that I was wrong. I found out about this fact the hard way. I wonder how many others have slipped into this downward spiral of looking good on the outside but without the core to support it.

My blog is my story of redemption and sharing. I would gently like to invite everyone to read along with me to enjoy and take what works for you. I did not come to this understanding on my own nor without the help of outside influences that led up to my road of "knowing and growing." So thanks to my family and friends and especially to the Lord, who have waited patiently for me "to take care of myself". I think I was busy taking care of everything and everyone else. I will be blogging to chronicle the events, changes, new ideas and fun things that are happening. So let's commence...or till next time.

A recent accomplishment is that I can sit crossed legged on floor and get up and down on my own! A broken Tibia (leg) in April is on the mend and I am working hard to get strong.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009



We walked the streets of Zurich, Switzerland, one November evening. The sky's were dark and full of rain clouds that let go intermitenly. The lights along the river seem larger and appear to be glowing balls of magical stardust. This effect has us thinking Saint Nicholas soon shall be here. After entering the shops along the road we found each one stocked full with Christmas ideas to spark the imagination like Chocolate Advent Calendars and the most beautiful chandeliers strewn with hand blown glass ornaments, silk and lace with peacock feathers and pearls.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


  1. The JP Getty Museum is a wonderful venue. Each grouping of art is from a certain period in history and it makes you understand more and more about the culture that lived at that time.
  2. When you view the artwork and then read the descriptions of the works you realize how these people are trying to make a statement about who they thought God was in so many of the pieces of the 1500- 1600's.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Las Vegas has a hidden jewel sitting right in the middle of the 'Strip'. The 'Mon Amie Gaby'! We sat across from the lake and 

watershow at the Bellagio in the outdoor patio of the Mon Amie Gaby with our best friend, James, The guys were enjoying 'Fannie Bay' oysters on the half shell, fillet Mignon and pommes frites. Talk about french toast bananas Foster for breakfast. Yummm! 
2009 came in with a roar !
as we celebrated Art's Birthday all week too! The french Cabernet wine was rich bodied and paired well with each dish.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


One morning we took a drive south to a wonderful city named San Juan Capistrano. It is home of one of California's historic and best preserved Missions known for the annual 'return of the swallows'.

At a local eatery near the train tracks we had light and fluffy scrambled eggs mixed with veggies and bacon. Homemade biscuits and apple compote. Fresh pastry with apples and cinnamon are available too.

Each choice on the menu is a taste sensation as in my french toast smothered in strawberries with fresh whipped cream. With each bite you have happy thoughts of this is a good moment to share with someone you care about. The natural ingredients give you lots of energy for the exploration of the unique shops surrounding the Mission San Juan Capistrano and ultimately the visit to the Mission itself.